Friday, February 10, 2012

Ultimate Tazer Ball zaps Toronto

The Ultimate Tazer Ball league – where players use 300,000-volt Tasers as part of the game – is coming to Toronto. Think of it like a combination of football, rugby and stinging electric currents zapping you at every turn. Canada’s contribution, the Toronto Terror, is now beginning to form its six-person roster.

“Obviously, with anything, there’s controversy so we’re expecting people to complain about it being a violent game,” explained Eric Prum, one of the three co-founders of the league. “But if you look at shows like Fear Factor and the UFC, we’re very far from that.”

The game is full-contact with four-on-four players on 200 by-85-foot soccer field, trying to score goals using a giant soccer ball. The clincher is whoever is running with the ball has the opportunity of getting zapped.

And if you were to watch the league’s YouTube video – which went viral recently with more than a half-million views in the past two week – the pain is clear.

“The Tasers we are using are five to eight milliamp, 300,000-volt Tasers, so they’re completely safe and non-cardiac,” Prum said. “They’re essentially stun guns. They do give you a jolt, but they’re nothing like the police tasers (in the United States). The fun thing about an electric shock like that is it creates a spasm that you can’t really control. So if you’re running, you’ll trip or if you’re holding that big ball and you get hit, you’ll drop it.”

The league formed roughly a year ago in Southern California by Leif Kellenberger, Erik Wunsch and Prum — all of them involved in extreme paint balling.

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