Thursday, September 29, 2011

Super Bowl 2014: Let it snow!

With fewer than 29 months left before the big day, the 2014 Super Bowl host committee unveiled its logo Tuesday, and it prominently hit on two themes important to organizers:

One is that the game is a joint effort between New York and New Jersey. It features the letters NY and NJ below a stylized image of the George Washington Bridge.

The other is evident in what is pictured between the states' initials: a snowflake.

From the start, those behind the first outdoor Super Bowl in the North have not shied away from the probability of cold, perhaps snowy, weather.

"We thought it would be both fun and direct to put the snowflake right into our major symbol," Al Kelly, the host committee chief executive, said at a Manhattan breakfast attended by the Giants' and Jets' owners and NFL commissioner Roger Goodell.

Jets owner Woody Johnson openly has rooted for snow from the day the Meadowlands' bid was accepted. Goodell joined him Tuesday, saying, "A little snow would be great for us. Some of our most memorable games were played in unusual weather circumstances. Winter and cold are part of football, and snow is also."

The host committee logo is not the same as the official Super Bowl logo, which will be revealed at a later date. Speaking of dates, Super Bowl XLVIII still doesn't have one. Kelly hopes to get word from NFL owners next month.

"Certainly knowing the date when you're trying to plan something can be extremely helpful," he said.

Kelly announced 22 corporate sponsors and played a TV ad that will be shown before and after the Jets and Giants games this Sunday. The campaign emphasizes the bi-state effort, with the slogan "A Super Bowl so Historic, it Takes Two States to Host It."

Despite the New York power and money behind the 2014 Super Bowl, the weather and other logistical challenges have given organizers a bit of an underdog mentality. As Johnson said, "The world will be waiting for us to screw up."

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