Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Britney Tours get discounted

Britney Spears is apparently not the sure-fire concert draw she once was. Since lot of current or former fans have apparently decided not to hit that "BUY" button one more time after all, the web discounter Groupon has been selling 50%-off tickets for more than half the shows on Spears' 33-city tour. And not even all those half-price tickets have gotten snatched up.

The tour opened Thursday night in Sacramento to what the local paper described as a sell-out crowd. But a week prior to the show, Groupon offered $59 face-value tickets for a bargain basement price of $30. Groupon's web site shows that 1,400 people took the Sacramento offer before it sold out. But since there was a maximum of 8 tickets allowed per sale, that means there could have been anywhere from 1,400 to 11,200 people getting into the arena via the last-minute half-price offer. Similar deals have been offered in 18 cities on the tour.

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